I’m not sure what happened over the Covid year of 2021 but telemarketers became more emboldened despite having your number listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. It is certainly worth your time to register or reregister there but there are additional measures you can take. If you want to avoid unwanted calls from exes, stalkers, grifters, telemarketers, and others of the same ilk, here are the required steps to block calls on your iPhone.

Avoid unwanted calls

You can block unwanted calls and send spam and unknown callers to voicemail.

Block FaceTime calls and voice messages from certain people

You can do the following in the Phone app

  • Tap Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail. Scroll down and tap the More Info button to block the contact or number you wish to block.
  • Tap Contacts, tap on the contact you wish to block, scroll down and then tap Block this caller.

How to manage your blocked contacts

  1. Go to Settings blank > Telephone > Blocked Contacts.
  2. Click Edit

Send unknown and spam calls to voicemail

To access Settings blank > Telephone, tap on any of these:

  • Silence unknown callers: You receive notifications for calls from people you know, outgoing calls, Siri Suggestions, and calls from contacts.
  • Call blocking & identification: Turn off Silence Junk Callers (available only with certain carriers). To silence any calls that your carrier has identified as spam or fraud,

Last, if you are a victim of stalking, please call the police in your local area for assistance. For more information on stalking please visit the Victim Connect resource center.