I remember a couple of years ago, I thought I was on the cutting edge when I was able to create a QR code for a flyer I made for a seminar. It would allow people to scan with their QR app, and it would open up the Eventbrite website and they could buy tickets directly. At that time, it would work 50% of the time because the apps were junk. However, now it is embedded into the mobile phone’s operating systems in that if your phone’s camera is looking at a QR code, you will now get a small popup asking if you want to open it up in a browser. My kid’s high school uses it exclusively for sports tickets, so the future is now for QR codes. If you aren’t using this technology, you are already behind.

create a QR code
QR Code

What is a QR Code?

A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a bar code that stores information in encoded binary form in the form of a machine-readable pattern of black modules on a white background. QR Codes enable smartphones and mobile devices with a camera to take a picture and read the encoded information below the code in coordination with an app on your phone. Many times, the app is already integrated on your phone. For instance, on an iPhone, if your camera has a QR code in view, it will have a clickable link on the viewing screen to open Safari and thus a webpage associated to that QR code.  A QR code can store up to 4296 characters — enough for a URL,, email address, or contact card information, and more.

Why you should use a QR code

If you create a QR code, it provides a number of benefits. Primarily, they provide an easy interface for your customers to interface the information you want to communicate with very little effort.  A client can scan the code, and their phone will provide directions, take them to a purchase screen to buy tickets, or add your contact information fully into their contacts.  The absolute key here is that it removes a barrier of entry that you typically have to overcome in that customer engagement.  In doing so, you have a higher conversion rate on what you are trying to achieve.

How to Generate a QR Code on Your Computer

If you wish to create a QR code to share information with your clients or potential customers, then you’ll need to use a QR Code generator, which is a software application that will process a form and create the QR Code image.  You can then take that image and paste it into your document, flyer, presentation, and other visual media.

Best Online QR Code Generators

  • Easy to use and create in less than a minute
  • Dynamic code allows you to track scans with a personal dashboard
QR Code Generator
  • Has a free version to produce various codes
  • Can insert a logo within the code
QR Code Monkey
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Free to use
  • Offers various formats to download
QR Stuff
  • Easy interface
  • Free to use
  • Offers various data types to use.
website planet QR
Website Planet
  • Free to use
  • QR code is customizable to use a logo, color, etc

QR codes add an element of authority to your marketing material, and even though they seem very technical in nature, they are a simple and easy addition to wow your customers.

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