There is a multitude of reasons you may need to download a video from Instagram. Personally, I wanted to email a non-Instagram user a video of my son’s game that I had uploaded to Instagram. I also keep swipe files often for inspiration on subjects that I may want to write about later and I’ll pull content into a dropbox folder for later viewing when I can which may be offline. You should know that downloading and sharing a video that is not yours is a copyright infringement and we certainly do not condone that behavior. Whatever the case you have here is the steps required to download videos from Instagram.

How to download videos from Instagram

In order to download a video, you will need a third-party service to download from a shared link. These sites are under a lot of pressure since some people are stealing content and sharing it as their own. One of the remaining sites is

  1. From the Instagram app go to the video you wish to download and you will see the … (three dots) either at the lower right or upper left which will open a sub-menu. Within the menu click the ‘Copy Link’ item.
  2. Open a web browser on your phone and go to paste the link in the box, then click ‘View’.
  3. Once the video appears you click the download button and save the video to your library in mp4 format. Note that depending on what browser app you use, the location of the download may vary. Please look at your browser settings if required.
  4. From here, the browser downloads folder click the Share video button, and click the ‘Save Video’ button to save it to your camera roll.