There are several websites that allow you to send free text messages online. These sites are free but may require you to register or log in to see responses. It is important to note that these sites should not be used for illegal purposes and should only be used for entertainment or emergency situations.

1. TextForFree - send free text messages online offers free text messaging to anyone with a mobile phone number. It also tracks IP addresses to prevent spam and unwanted messages. It has a simple interface and supports a range of cellular service providers. It can also send multimedia files such as pictures and audio. It can even spoof the sender’s name or number for anonymity. It is important to note that this site should not be used for illegal purposes and should only be used for entertainment or emergency situations.

2. Globfone

Globfone - Send free text messages online

Globfone is one of the most comprehensive tools available to send free text messages online, internationally, and to any carrier. It works via P2P technology and does not require either the sender or recipient to download any app or undergo a long sign-up process.

To use the website, simply enter your recipient’s phone number and type in your message. Then, the site will automatically send it to your recipient’s mobile phone. You can even send multiple text messages at once.

You can not receive replies using Globefone or attach videos or pictures.

3. EZ Texting

Ez Texting - send texts for free online

The EZ Texting platform helps a wide range of small businesses execute successful text marketing campaigns. The platform offers a broad set of advanced tools for subscriber list building, including automation and drip campaigns. The platform also supports a variety of shortcodes and provides a text-forwarding service. All incoming messages are free, whether they come from a Keyword or your contacts replying to your texts.

The platform supports QR code scanning and posters for your keywords, which can be useful tools for growing your customer base. The EZ Texting app also includes a link shortener and one-of-a-kind Shutterstock integration that’s not available on other SMS marketing apps.

EZ Texting’s analytics are decent but not as comprehensive as those on competitor platforms like SMSBump and SlickText. The EZ Texting platform is also more expensive than similar alternatives. Companies that use SMS marketing on a large scale, will blow through the platform’s pricing tiers quickly and need to negotiate custom pricing.

4. Send Anonymous SMS

send anonymous sms - send free text messages online allows you to send free text message online to the receiver. You can simply enter the person’s phone number, subject, and message content. The website claims to keep your conversation end-to-end encrypted, so you can rest assured that your recipient’s data is safe from spying eyes.

Other websites and apps offer similar services to hide your number when sending messages. They generally switch your sending number with their own for billing purposes and send the message on to its destination. Some of them allow you to use aliases as well, which is useful for pranks.

Another site worth checking out is SendAnonymousSMS, which lets you send an anonymous text to nearly any phone carrier. The website is clean and simple to use, and it seems to work well for most North American carriers. The only drawback is that you have to use a Captcha code to prove your identity before you can send an SMS.

5. OpenTextingOnline


OpenTextingOnline allows you to send SMS messages without having to create an account.

It is compatible with carriers in approximately 50 countries. The majority of North America, the European Union, as well as some less common locations such as India, Nepal, and New Zealand are covered. Be aware that not every carrier in each country is supported. You may only find one or two carriers that work in exotic locations.

OpenTextingOnline allows you to add audio, video, and picture content to your text messages. This is a feature you won’t find in many free SMS services.

6. TextEmNow

textem - send free text messages online

TextEm allows you to send free texts, but first you need to create an Account. Even though some people prefer to text a message in an anonymous manner having an account has some benefits.

You can, for example, create a list with frequently used contacts. Depending on the carrier of the recipient, you will receive replies in your TextEm mailbox. You can use email replies if your carrier doesn’t support TextEm responses.

Support is available for more than 100 carriers in the US and Canada. This service is not for you if you want to text someone outside North America.

7. SendSMSNow

SendSMSNow - Send free text messages online

SendSMSNow is a website that lets you send free SMS messages to any mobile phone. It supports most major cell phone carriers, including the US and Canada. You can also use the website to spoof a phone number, which is useful if you want to play a prank on someone.

This service does not require you to create an account and allows you to receive replies through your email inbox. You can also use this website to send e-cards and read your daily horoscope. However, the website does limit your texting to 130 characters.

Another good online text messaging website is TxtDrop. This site has been operational for eight years and claims to have delivered more than 25 million texts. It also does not require you to create an account, and you can even receive replies from your Mac desktop if you download its widget add-on. You can import your contacts or start typing the recipient’s phone number to send a message.

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