In a world dominated by proprietary CRM solutions, SuiteCRM emerged as a beacon for businesses looking for an open-source alternative without compromising on features. Originally a fork from SugarCRM, SuiteCRM has, over the years, carved its niche and gained traction among startups and enterprises alike. In this SuiteCRM review we will delve into a comprehensive review of this open-source CRM powerhouse.

SuiteCRM review

SuiteCRM was launched in 2013 when SugarCRM decided to stop its open-source version. Since then, SuiteCRM has been developed and maintained by SalesAgility, a UK-based CRM consultancy. Positioned as an enterprise-ready solution, it boasts features comparable to high-end, proprietary CRMs but without the hefty price tag.

Features and Functionalities

1. Sales Force Automation: SuiteCRM’s core strength lies in its robust sales force automation tools. From lead management, opportunity tracking, to quotes and invoicing, it provides a comprehensive suite to handle the sales pipeline effectively.

2. Customer Support: The platform offers a case management system, allowing businesses to handle customer issues, set priorities, and allocate resources seamlessly.

3. Marketing Automation: While not as powerful as standalone marketing automation tools, SuiteCRM provides campaign management, email marketing, and tracking tools sufficient for most small to medium businesses.

4. Reporting and Dashboards: The CRM provides a range of reporting tools with customizable dashboards, enabling businesses to glean insights and make data-driven decisions.

5. Workflow Automation: This helps in streamlining processes by setting up specific actions based on triggers, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.

Usability and User Experience

SuiteCRM’s interface, while functional, can feel a bit outdated, especially when compared to sleeker, modern CRMs. However, what it might lack in aesthetic appeal, it makes up for in its organized layout and intuitive navigation. The initial learning curve might be steep for beginners, but with time, users find their way around the system efficiently.

Customizability and Extensibility

Being open-source, one of SuiteCRM’s major strengths is its customizability. Businesses with specific requirements can modify the software, and those with coding prowess can dive deep to create tailored solutions.

The SuiteCRM store also provides extensions and plugins, although it’s worth noting that the range isn’t as extensive as some proprietary counterparts.

Integration Capabilities

SuiteCRM can integrate with popular platforms such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Moreover, with tools like Zapier, its integration capabilities can be extended to connect with thousands of other applications.


Security is a paramount concern for CRMs, given they handle sensitive customer data. SuiteCRM ensures data protection with features like role-based access control, SSL encryption, and regular security patches. Given its open-source nature, any vulnerabilities detected can be addressed by the community promptly.

Community and Support

SuiteCRM boasts a vibrant community, which is one of its significant assets. From forums to dedicated GitHub repositories, users have a wealth of resources to troubleshoot, share, and learn. SuiteCRM offers paid services for professional support, including training, consultancy, and dedicated support packages.

Pricing – SuiteCRM Review

Being open-source, SuiteCRM is free to download and use. However, businesses might incur costs related to hosting, customization, and if they opt for professional support from SalesAgility.


  1. Feature-Rich: Offers a comprehensive suite of tools catering to sales, marketing, and customer support.
  2. Open-Source: Provides flexibility and freedom from licensing fees.
  3. Active Community: A large community ensures peer support, plugins, and regular updates.


  1. User Interface: The UI can feel dated and might not appeal to users accustomed to modern designs.
  2. Initial Complexity: New users might face a steep learning curve.


SuiteCRM presents a compelling proposition for businesses looking for an open-source CRM solution. While it might have its quirks, especially concerning its interface, the depth of features it provides is impressive. Its open-source nature ensures that businesses aren’t locked in and can modify the platform as they grow and evolve.

For businesses that can invest time in the initial setup and customization, SuiteCRM offers a powerful toolset comparable to premium, proprietary solutions. Its active community and the ethos of open-source make it a dynamic platform that adapts and grows.

In essence, for this SuiteCRM review, SuiteCRM strikes a balance between functionality and freedom, making it a worthy consideration for businesses of all sizes.

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