It’s always intimidating on when you first start a new blog. For me this is the first one in over a dozen years and the intimidation of the blank white screen on what to write was incredibly overwhelming. I knew I wanted to create a blog that will ultimately help people be more productive and centric to the amazing tools that are out there with tech.

What to write first… it literally sometimes feels like you are hogtied and don’t know where to start not by feeling you have nothing, but so much and so many other people, billions of people are doing this thing you want to do as well. Such is the predicament I found myself in on what to write. Then I logged in to my site today and saw that it has been up for a month, not active, but the tag line said, “Finding poductivity through technology!”

That’s right, po-duc-tivity, not pro-duc-tivity. What the po-dunk-hell is that!!

Therefore, it seemed to be the first order of business should be a review of one of my favorite tools that is literally guiding me now as I write and make corrections every few minutes. That is

Grammarly is an essential tool, especially for a mildly dyslexic blogger who can’t see a misspelling in size 64 font. There are a lot of great benefits to a subscription, notably that there are plugins for your browser which help with WordPress posts. Application plugins that interface with Office 365 (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint). And then there is a standalone where you can write in the Grammarly app. For students, you can have it verify across the web that the content is unique, meaning not plagiarized.

Another great feature that I find invaluable is that fact that you can adjust the theme. Set it to formal, technical, or a more free writing style to adjust to the many hats you have to wear. This keeps you from wearing the hat I’m currently wearing that says ‘Dunce’. Yes I’m sitting in a dark corner with my nose in my laptop as I write this to hide from the shame of my errors. Plus I like it here… Another time. – there is a free version to try it out, but you are going to want it, it’s one of the tools in the arsenal that is absolutely necessary.

Happy writing!!