Keyboards are something I take very seriously. For me, it is the quintessential interface between you and the computer so it must be perfect. I kept an old mechanical keyboard from a Compaq computer I once had so long that it literally did not have 50% of the letters on the keys, which was just fine, it deterred anyone from borrowing my computer. It was completely indestructible, or so I thought until I filled it full with a spilled cup of coffee. Even though it was mechanical the contacts were shot and the B key would repeat 20 times when you pressed it and the M key stopped working completely. This was rather unfortunate since my name beings with M.

After that, I had many keyboards but none were great, too lightweight and plastic, keystrokes too shallow, ergonomically correct. Fine if you like that sort of thing, but not if you are a serious typer.

I loved the old keyboards because when you kick up the speed and really press down on the keys as if they were an old Corona manual typewriter from the ’50s the keyboard doesn’t feel like it’s going to shatter into pieces. It gives you a bit of feedback I suppose with an audible clack and return push up on your finger. It’s what typing is meant to be like.

So enter the Logitech G413 Carbon Keyboard, the first Logitech keyboard that I’ve had in years that I didn’t grit my teeth at when I used it. In fact, I LOVE IT!! Here are some of its features:

A mechanical keyboard with ‘ROMER-G Tactile’, I’m not sure what it is either, but it’s the springy thingy under the keys that for me makes it amazing!

A passive USB port on the keyboard is pretty handy. I run my mouse off that port to have one less cord on the desk.

The case it’s made with is Aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum that is anodized and brushed. This keyboard is as heavy as a laptop by itself and just feels durable and quality made.

With a backlit keyboard and with software you can change the color to several options. It comes with 12 extra replaceable keys for the hardcore gamer then wear out the movement keys and a tool to replace them.

The keyboard has a very durable cloth braided cord to connect to your PC. This was +1 for me since that was the issue with my last keyboard, having the cord fray where it connected to the keyboard. This may not add anything, but it feels industrial so I like it.

What are the cons of this keyboard? For me there are none, but if you are a gamer, you may prefer more controls that are readily accessible for quick keys or media controls, this has some of that but you have to hit a function key and find the appropriate key. Also, there is no palm rest padding. This hasn’t bothered me yet, but I’ll let you know when the carpal tunnel kicks in and I have to replace this with a more comfortable option.