We have all heard in the past, like a few years ago, that Virtual Reality will be the next revolution. First, the PC revolution, then the Internet revolution, then the Mobile revolution, and then it was proposed that VR would be the next big storm…and we’re still waiting. When will we see VR Headsets for Productivity?

VR headsets for productivity

Over the last year or two, gaming on VR has improved ten-fold. And now you can watch a 4k movie in an environment of your choice. Prefer a drive-in theater or maybe a humongous auditorium screen, no problem. The virtual popcorn doesn’t even have as many carbs as the real kind as well.

All this said, and the one area that I’m waiting for is when I can have endless amounts of VR monitor space. I want to work on a single spreadsheet from cell A1:XFD1048576 and see it all without scrolling. Hey, you have your fantasies; I have mine.

Well, we aren’t quite there yet, but it’s certainly getting closer all the time. You can do design in 3D models now better than ever, and you can have larger virtual monitors that emulate actual sizes. It’s not perfect, but I think we could see something great soon, and it’s worth checking out.

Here are our top 5 VR headsets for productivity that can do the job:

HTC Vive Pro
  • High-resolution display
  • Built-in Headphones
  • Most expensive
  • Setup is difficult
  • Sound quality issues
This is the Cadillac of VR sets, the HTC Vive Pro has a stunning resolution of 2880 x 1600 allows for intricately detailed viewing. I comes with built-in headphones with very good sound quality. The nose guard makes a good seal and blocks out light very well. The price is around $1200 USD
  • Widest field of view
  • Index “Knuckle” Controllers
  • Requires a high-end GPU
  • Expensive
Best VR for gamers as that is its intended audience; however, it is a great pick for productivity as well. Its performance is excellent and very comfortable for wearing for long stretches. Fairly expensive and may require a high-end graphics card to use with it. The price is around $1500 USD.
Best Value
Oculus Quest
  • Excellent Value
  • standalone
  • Heavy on the face
  • Light leaks on bottom of nose guard.
Best value for the money by far. This is a great set that has the stand-alone capability or you can connect to a graphics card to work with the computer using an Oculus link cable sold separately. The resolution is very good. Comes in 64G or 128g, the 64g is not enough space for most things. Price is $500 – 650 USD.
Samsung HMD Odyssey
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great resolution
  • Built-in headphones
  • Expensive
  • Tracking is not impressive.
A windows mixed reality (WMR) set The tracking for the controllers is not impressive for a device in this price range, they don’t always track well due to fewer cameras and the design of the controller is not well done.
HP Reverb
  • Excellent resolution.
  • Built-in headphones
  • Tracking is just ok
  • Fixed lens distance
Another windows mixed reality (WMR) set with excellent resolution. The Professional version has replaceable face masks which are better for multiple users. The fixed lens distance was not great as it makes it difficult to get things in focus for some people, particularly glasses wearers.


For overall build quality and performance, the Valve Index was the clear front-runner, with the HTC Vive Pro not far behind. If you have the money to spend for the high-end then it is worth it.

In terms of value as to the best bang for the buck, the Oculus Quest 2 is the clear winner. Facebook is not making a profit on these to get the price down to get an anchor into the VR arena. This is a win/win, but you can likely expect at some point that ads will be ingrained into your VR experience as they work on how to monetize this realm.

It might be noted at the time of this writing, that the Oculus 2 was recalled to replace the face mask. So availability is difficult at the moment. If you own an Oculus 2, you can go to this link to fill out a form for a free replacement – Oculus safety alert – recall instructions

In terms of price and value for a professional environment, where multiple people will be continually using the device, I think the HP Reverb Professional is moving in the right direction with a quality device with a decent price point but also has the replaceable face mask/nose guard.

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